Superhero Action Bands



Bam! Pow! Zap! Together with Nike Selken (Or Wearabytes as we call ourselves) we wanted to create fun, real-life superhero action sounds to bring out the superhero in each of us.

So we set about creating a movement-responsive wristbands that produces sound and light effects.



Superhero Action Bands! from niki selken on Vimeo.

The Process:

We used a Flora, Accelerometer, Piezo and NeoPixels and cut personalised icons. The icons were cut out of Plexiglass with a laser cutter and then attached to a store-bought headbands that we shaped with a sewing machine to fit the wrist. The Flora and accelerometer were attached with conductive thread. We then loaded the code to produce sounds and light effects depending on X,Y and Z coordinates and acceleration. The sounds were compiled from a sound library created by MIT and the lights using Adafruit NeoPixel library.

The code can be found here: Github

The Product:

IMG_4859 IMG_4858


The Process:

Image   ImageImage


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