Interactive Environments: The KOPA Tree

Video prototype proposing an interactive solution to encourage real-world collaboration and physical interaction in coworking spaces.


MFA D+T: Interactive Enviroments


Product development
UX Design
Digital Enviroments



Kopa Tree

What should workspaces look like in the 21st century? As workforces become more mobile and more connected, the traditional brick and mortar office space is becoming increasingly irrelevant. However,
purely virtual collaboration in many industries remains impossible, creating a need for new types of collaborative, physical workspaces. Co-working spaces have emerged to create unique places of work for those who require real physical space but want to remain mobile, as well as people that simply want the social experiences that come with shared environments.

However, although the coworking space aspires to encourage ‘opensource’ collaborations and skill-sharing, this is not often the result and real interactions between these coworkers are rarely achieved. This project proposes an interactive solution to this problem to encourage real-world collaboration and physical interaction.

Kopa Tree Presentation

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